Merchant Credit Card Account

How to become an Offshore Merchant - YES We Accept Credit Cards! Those few words can add thousands per month in profits to your business!

Offshore-Banking-Singapore offers an Asian merchant facility that is sure to meet your requirements.

Setting up an offshore corporation is all very well - but what if a mere symbolic coat hanger joint in a tax shelter jurisdiction isn't enough? What if you want to actually make money offshore? After all, not everyone is able and willing to live off saved taxes and assets' interest alone. Unbelievable, but some Privacy seekers still have to work for a living - preferably in a PT tax-free Dorado!

However as in every business, you will also want a corporate infrastructure and some usable logistical tools to go with it. In addition to your MERCHANT ACCOUNT, may we recommend that you consider:

A bona fide tax-free offshore bearer share corporation from a tax friendly country in your chosen name
A corporate bank account with internet banking, an ATM card (not in Panama.)
A functional mail & fax forwarding service
One of several reliable offshore merchant providers, (essential for mail order business)

Asian Offshore Merchant Program:


The first step is to apply for the Merchant status. This can be made by ORDERING HERE and providing the name of the applicant and the contact details.

Bank serves Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions; currently, bank can serve both personal or corporate customers.

Procedures and fees:
The below information is for medium to difficult web sites. This is the same merchant provider who processes our credit cards charges!

Fees and Rates ranges by industry, merchant, and history of the account:

Rolling Reserve = 10% Rolling Reserve (Hold for 6 months and release at 7 months, continuous)
Discount Rate = 5% – 13% (Rate will be set by the risk of the industry and merchant)
Set-up Fee = $100 - $5,000 (Rate will be set by the risk of the industry and merchant)
Monthly Fee = $50 - $100 (Rate will be set by the risk of the industry and merchant)
Transaction Fee = $0.50 - $1.50 (Rate will be set by the risk of the industry and merchant)
No volume caps (min or max)

Any merchant accounts will need to fill out:

Merchant Application (If you can't answer a question, please leave it blank)
Photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, etc)
Merchant History (No history please inform us, new business)

Our merchant group can process any merchant accounts, it will be easier to tell you what we can't take:

Child Porn
Animal Porn
Hardcore Porn
We code all Gaming sites

FYI - We will not be the third party. You will have contact with the bank. That should be a plus!

Our introduction fee is Euro 500.Asian merchant source charges start from US$4,000 which you pay direct to them.

Add Euro 1250 for your own bearer share company in your chosen name. Note: it is the bank requirements all that merchant must have a company for this merchant account, otherwise bank will refuse your application..
Add Euro 500 for an offshore company bank account with this product.
Fast Track set up fee: Eur1,000
A functional mail & fax forwarding service: Euro 550 including Euro 50 postage forwarding deposit, first year and one time set up fees.

ORDER HERE. Your ordering code is: "merchant." Our referral fee is Euro 500 + any other services or products you require, i.e. company, bank account, etc.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

Bob Williams