European Union Bank Accounts

Here's your chance to open in your personal or company name, a Western Europe Bank Account, "without" any BANKERS REFERENCE, utility bills or hassles. Just a notarized passport copy is required. Incoming and out going bank wire transfers by SWIFT are FREE! Minimum opening deposit is Euro 25,000 or the equivalent in other currencies, i.e. Euro, GBP, CHF, etc. As this is a management investment bank, your opening deposit is required to remain on deposit until you close the account. There is a wide range of investment opportunities offered by the Bank:

Flexible Accounts and Excellent Fixed Term

Deposits in many different currencies, Mutual Funds as well as International Securities listed on the world's major stock exchanges. The banks fee structure is highly competitive. All deposit accounts are free of charge, and through the Bank customers receive up to 71% discount on the initial fee on Mutual Funds managed by Fidelity, Fleming, Jardine Fleming, Templeton and Momentum. Banks customers may request the Bank to issue international drafts. If the beneficiary of the draft is yourself they would not charge any fees. Drafts made payable to a third party would incur a fee. Presently approximately US$20. Nonresidents are exempt from local taxation on interest income, capital gains, etc.

The host country has a sound economy and is a politically stable country. National banks are subject to strict banking legislation. Furthermore the "Deposit Guarantee Fund" secures account deposits up to approximately USD 43.000 per customer. To open an account you only need to return a one page Application Form together with a copy of your passport, showing your picture, name and signature.

You may enclose a cheque or ask your local bank to transfer the amount via SWIFT. Please see list of their Correspondent Banks,(provided upon ordering.) At the Bank they take great pride in providing their customers with individualized service and attractive returns without the hassles of a huge bureaucracy. If you have any questions or if you wish to give any investment instructions, you are invited to contact source either by mail, fax or phone. They shall be happy to call you back.

Internet banking is available as well as various cards, i.e. atm, debit or credit cards. Security deposit required.

Click here to order, just Euro 500 inclusive. Your ordering code is: "WEU".

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